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    Just another story


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    Just another story

    Post by CountryCowgirl_MT on Sat Jul 24, 2010 3:04 am

    So its now or never. I have been trying for a while to get on here and until now. Well i'm going to try anyways. My stories might come out in bits at a time but I will, or hope I will, eventually get them all out there.

    To start if you are being abused under no sercumstance is it acceptable and it is not to be blamed on you. If you are being abused or know someone who is I hope you have the courage to make sure it stops. No mater what the person that is causing the abuse says you can always leave you dont need them and you are worth it.

    I have been abused one way or another my entire life and buy people I thought were close to me. First it was my Father with physical abuse then my Mom with mental and emotional and finally boyfriends or just friends. When it started to get really bad with my dad he'd go after my brothers and I, my brothers would step inbetween my dad and I mostly to challenge his authority especially since he's not their father. My father is a dry drunk, for you who arent familiar with that term it means he acts and thinks like a drunk out of habit/without any alcohol, and believes that if you dont jump to what he wants you do to then he will force you to. There were several times that I was locked up in the house or walking through the woods because I couldnt go hang out with my friends while my face was swollen, this was because of both my father and boyfriends.

    There was one day that they had pushed the line to far and I went to my room to cool off so that I didnt cross the line I set for myself. well my dad wanted me to get up so he came in and tried to physically pull me out of my bed (i only had a twin matress on the floor) so I put my foot against the inside of his knee so that if he kept pulling he'd snap it out himself. When he relized he wasnt going to just get me to do what he wanted he throw himself on me and started hitting my face with his elbows, not being man enough to use his fists, and for me that was the last straw. I called the DOD (Department of Defence = military cops) and the military forced him into theropy.

    The most physical abuse my mom ever did was breaking wooden spoons on my back because she has to much arthritis in her hands to be able to just hit us (my 2 bros and self) but she mostly is psychological and emotional because thats where she finds she can manipulate people more easily.

    Some people say that there is no such thing as mental or emotional abuse but I can say that there definatly is and it is a horrible thing to have to deal with because it isnt recognized in most courts or by many people. It is an actually form of abuse and it is something that you should at least talk to someone about it even if it is just to vent.

    Well I will post more later but if anyone wants to post, please do. This is totally open to everyone thats why we are here. Tell us about any kind including relationship (spousel) abuse, from a family member or any that you need to talk about.

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