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    Post by Maverick on Fri Jul 09, 2010 5:10 pm

    T2T Announcement

    We have recently made a few changes here at T2T. We have added a few new sections and changed a few description and content wise. For instance we have added a new section in the psych ward called "Abuse" this section is for members going through any kind of abuse. Either from family, school, siblings or whatever it maybe.

    The Jukebox or other known as the game area had a description changed. This is an area for games and or activities that involve threads that aren't related to the other forums, ad some are for fun and some are a little more serious.

    Also the staff has come to the conclusion that we will no longer have a Counselor position. The reason being that we have moderators and senior staff when available for anyone to come and talk to. We just aren't that big yet for that part of staff. Though in the imminent future we may be hiring for a new mod position.

    As always we appreciate and value you as a member, and for your participation here on T2T and we hope that you have a great time here as we grow into a more broader and bigger community.


    Maverick and T2T staff

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