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    Is it really worth it.


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    Is it really worth it.  Empty Is it really worth it.

    Post by Baudelaire on Wed Aug 04, 2010 3:04 pm

    Recently I've lost someone rather close to me....this person didn't die or move away, we just aren't as close as we used to be, it's my fault for pushing them away, I know it seems stupid to make someone who makes you so happy grow apart from you, but I felt as if I couldn't be with this person, that god wouldn't want it and it crushed me to think of what would happen to me after I died....

    But now, all I want to do is die. I did something horrible to make this person not close to me. I hadn't realized the severity of it, and now I'm all alone, and this person has no need for me anymore, I really was stupid to ever make this person grow apart from me, this person made me so happy and meant so much to me.

    I'm alone and it isnt just this one person, I feel as if there is something horribly wrong with me, and if my parents knew they would disown me. God already knows, and I cant think of what kind of life I'm going to live if I have to be afraid all the time, I really, really want to die, because there's just no point in living anymore..

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