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    Grand Theft Auto Series /rant


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    Grand Theft Auto Series /rant Empty Grand Theft Auto Series /rant

    Post by Maverick on Sat Jul 17, 2010 8:00 pm

    Okay so I said in a previous thread that I was going to make a pretty large thread explaining my point of view and overall 'experience' of all of them as I have followed this game from the start. Alright so first off I'm going to start with Grand Theft Auto I

    Grand Theft Auto(1996)

    So this game was the start of the franchise. The one that ended up smashing the records for any successful game. The most top rated game on the charts for it's time. Though when I first played this game in particularly I was pretty impressed. Then again this was when I was young and very accepting to all games. Though it was very confusing at times because you got this extremely irritating 'sky view' if you want to call it that. It felt very arcade-ish. You could never really see where you car was going and your guy looked like a red and yellow blob. The vehicle were also an lol moment for me Car Garage here made me question how much time and designing really went into this first project. Though the funny part about all of this, is that all of the future plans and cities, so to speak. Were there San Andrea's, Vice City and of course Liberty City. Subsequently have an expansion to this also being on the PC, then later released for the game boy color. Though the story line for this was pretty good the overall graphics, controls and view with constant glitching, such as: Whilst driving and making a sharp turn on a corner and a building/structure you accidentally scrape the side of the building/structure, your car is consequently stuck there. So if you had a time limit for your mission, you were essentially fucked to be to the point. You had to reload where you had left off, the saving was 'automatic' like in later editions on platforms did. So if you didn't save you were S.O.L. Though I will say it was very open ended as you were to choose the gang or "faction" to side with and do missions. As everyone was either enemies, or were allies. So you had to choose which side you wanted to do missions for and determine who was going to hate you. Which made it more interesting for a second go at the game. It wasn't a spot on start, but it sure was a good opening for what was to come and what we have now.

    Grand Theft Auto: London 1969 (April 1999)

    This one was very ever rarely ever thought about because in that October of 1999 Grand Theft Auto 2 was released, so this was very easily forgotten. This game have very similar graphics to the first one just a different city background and vehicles. For a somewhat different experience. An experience to me very easily thrown to the side as their new release of the 2nd one was released. Although a new story line you didn't have much choice in the matter making it a lot less open ended and very when you beat it you're done. This is what I wanted to maybe call a 'experimental opening' which means that this was a test. To see what the deal on the storyline would be liked. The overall again, experience would be liked. Though in all honesty wasn't. It was a time passer and when I beat it I was done with it. Overall a very forgettable game.

    Grand Theft Auto 2 (October 1999)

    Now this is the one that really set the bar. Late 1999 this was definitely the game that made it.Highly liked, back to an open ended story line, slightly better graphics, newer weapons. Just better all together in the long run. Very impressive. I'm going to start off with how the people looked. They looked %100 better. They didn't just look like blobs. They had an actual out line, not so blurry. Although they still did look at little '8 bit' it was certainly an improvement in the series. This time you were able to have men from the faction that you worked for be recruited. I would kind of laugh at the way they ran, especially when you had a bunch following you at one time. It looked like so funny. The weapons were so much better. Improved and more visible. Not just a spot or dot on the guy. The flame/fire was still a bit odd looking, but still no influence on the overall killing rate or fun of the game. This is also the one and only GTA that came out that was a number and not a roman numeral. This was also a multi-platform/game system edition. Meaning it came out on the Playstation as well as the Sega Dreamcast. Which was a plus because it lets gamers with different systems play the game. This game I thoroughly enjoyed because each city you went to there was always a different faction with harder missions and more guns and things to attain. Which made it very epic and playable over and over again. Trying different factions and different missions. The vehicles were very well done (for the time being) as definitely an upgrade from the original and London 1969. Overall a very fun game and experience from the start and very addictive.

    Grand Theft Auto III (2001)

    Now we have moved onto the Playstation 2. Where this game made absolute gaming history, breaking the absolute record for the best game for the platform (Though it was only a year after the system came out) I mean it went from sky view and blocky looking structures and blobs to actual people and realistic looking everything. I guess all it needed was the right platform to work on to make it what it is. I mean when I look at the sudden transition, I'm pretty impressed and shocked at the drastic overall change in the experience and entire experience. I have been using the word experience a lot because it basically expresses the way you get into the game. The way you indulge into it. Back on topic though. The graphics were updated to a 3D system changing it completely. With also the introduction of the 'mini-map' which definitely made an extreme plus because of the convenience. It had a much more explorable flavor to it. It wasn't so much of a sandbox where you could only have that sky-view look. Though if you still wanted to was still acceptable. Though I'm sure not many people did because I personally hated that view and loved the third-person change. Then another pin point change which was also very impressive was the storyline had sequences and not like a comic, though there were still subtitles if you wanted there was actually good voice overs. Though the guy never said anything the others did making it very interesting and a great story. Not open ended anymore, but nonetheless a stellar game and an excellent edition to the saga.

    Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (2002)

    This is one of my personal favorites because not only is it dated for one of my favorite eras, but the music was absolutely AMAZING I mean if you ever wanted a better opportunity to listen to amazing hits music from the 80's this is your chance. The game had fabulous sound track and the storyline was absolutely KILLER! Although in this one as well as III you could not swim You went into the water and you drowned. Which was very unfortunate because that was the best the water had looked, even in San Andrea's which I will get onto soon. When I look at III's water it looked like a blanket very dark it looked like a swamp and very un-realistic. The water in Vice City which is actually in Miami Florida go figure. Miami+80's= Good times& tunes. The guns were widely improved and a variety was added making it a mix and match. Then again though if you used cheats you get the 'weapons case 1, 2 and 3' all building up from one being the weakest and 3 being very powerful and ranging differently in class. Though i very much enjoyed the class two because it was kind of a mixture of flame throwing and shotguns that I really enjoyed. Then when you finally where able to access a part of the map where you were going to the 'acting' area you were able to use the plane that would float on water. Even though the controls were absolute shit, it was a very fun and the only plane you were able to fly. Boats were also accessible this making for some fun on the water. It was a pain in the ass because when you wanted to go to one side of the map to the next you had to wait for it to load making for you to wait. So if you were an impatient person it was extremely irritating thing. When you look at the full picture though and you really think about it. This game was pretty amazing. The story had an amazing ending. It was sort of difficult and it was the 80's. What more could you want?

    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (2004)

    This one, well to put it was pretty fabulous. This is where you were FINALLY able to fly planes, ride and drive trains, basically anything and everything was do-able in the one. I was extremely impressed by the helicopters and planes you were able to spawn and drive. They didn't just appear on the road away from you like in Vice City, when you entered that cheat that vehicle spawned right next to you. Which was very convenient. No more searching for the vehicle you just spawned. The game to me was very impressive. Even though the storyline was a lot more raunchy than the others. Not saying that Vice City wasn't you know exactly prim and proper. The scene with Candy Suxx in VC and then the tit bar you had to take over. Back to SA the controversy however in this one caused major drama forcing it to be edited and the content removed. Which was the 'hot coffee' they called it. It was part of having the girlfriend feature which to me was a pain in the ass. All you did for her was listen to her bitch drive her to some place and taker her back. Then if she didn't like the place you just drive her home anyway. So it was a useless feature. If you wanted to complete %100 of the game you had to meet and find all of them along with all of the shell findings, special packages, and side jobs. As well as graffiti. It's a very difficult game to have %100 on. If you cheat though you get there damn fast, but not much point in that when finding and earning it is much more fun. The games storyline is fun. The missions are always eventful and even funny sometimes. The vehicles were at an all time well and the graphics didn't change all the much to me. So it wasn't too much of a leap in that department.

    Grand Theft Auto IV

    This one is now back in Liberty City. On all platforms and graphics at an all time high. Though when I played it, I had to make my screen a bit brighter because to be honest was quite a dark game. The weapons and controls had a complete and utter turn around. Changing the way you drove, and shot weapons, though the weapons changed to look a helluva lot more realistic along with sprinting and actions. It was like revisiting GTA III all over again. Back in Liberty City and no planes just helicopters and cars and boats. Though I thought the best part of San Andreas was the planes because it was what made it fun. I remember such a mission where you had to get into a plane and fly to Liberty City to kill someone then fly back. I thought that was really fun how they incorporated the flying into the game which added to the experience. So why make a change like that? It;s like they're building up to something. Along with all the spin offs they have been having lately, such as the "Gay Tony" one which I thought was completely LAME. It's like reiterating all of the games except for San Andreas. Which kind of irks me a lot. Grand Theft Auto IV was pretty good with all the improvements of ways of breaking into cars and other small adjustments and add-ons to the vehicles. The music was pretty good. It was a mix of some 80's and 90's along with today's shit. Though all pretty impressive, just wasn't up to par as to what San Andreas was to me. I don't think going into all of the spin offs is very important. Though I have played all of them, it's just like the rest of the ones I have mentioned (For the consoles PS2 wise and higher). I have really enjoyed the series and have watched this franchise grow into a quite amazing game experience all put together very well, I just thought it would be pretty fun to go off on a /rant about it to explain my personal views on it all. To reminisce on the past systems and some of the games tried back in the day. I hope if you got this far in the /rant you could actually follow it and liked it. I'm sure this is not my last one. lol. Anyway..... I'm done.


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    Grand Theft Auto Series /rant Empty Re: Grand Theft Auto Series /rant

    Post by TravM on Sat Jul 17, 2010 9:37 pm

    Dude, to be blunt, this post is awesome. Very informative and it seems to me that your pretty passionate about GTA, which is cool. I've got a PS2, so maybe one day I'll pick up GTAIII (haven't played it). I have a friend who tells me their dirt cheap xD. Anyways, I've already played San Andreas and GTA4. I fucking love those games. Out of those two, I'm going to have to say that I like GTA4 better.

    GTA4 is just kickass. As you said the graphics are awesome. The buildings look so realistic and totally like New York City. That's one of the reasons I like it lol. Ive only played the real game (not the spin-offs) and I played it on an Xbox 360 at my cousin's house. The game play, to me, was not too hard but not too easy as the same time. The story was great as well. I found the heart thingy in the Statue of Happiness xD. I think I like GTA4 better because I can't remember playing San Andreas that much, but I do remember thoroughly enjoying it. Like you said above, being able to fly was awesome (sucks it wasn't on GTA4). I think San Andreas was the first time I heard "Welcome to the Jungle." xD Overall, I loved these games and I def. wished I had an XBox and GTA4 again. I need to save up for it :/. GTA ftw

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