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    Post by Kriisa on Sun Jun 27, 2010 1:54 am

    Hello folks! I thought that I should go on and make an introduction, now that our admin here has been kind enough to offer me a counsellor position. You all shall be seeing more of this previously-invisible presence from now on around here. I hope I am welcome. Smile

    What to say about me? Well, I've always been fond of teen support forums, have been frequenting and staffing various such sites at different points during the past four years. It is a wonderful experience to be engaging in meaningful, personal discussion with other peers - a level of depth that is rare on the face-to-face level.

    As for who I am personally, it wouldn't be too far off to say that I fluctuate between two extremes - of cynicism and idealism. Most of the time I aim to strike a balanced co-existence between the two elements, and that is how my usual appearance is characterized.

    Um.. that's all that comes to mind in the immediate moment, I'm much too tired to think at 2 in the morning, so hello all Smile we'll meet again!

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    Re: :)

    Post by Maverick on Sun Jun 27, 2010 2:08 am

    Welcome Maya not only to the team, but also to the forum. It sure is a pleasure to have you with us and I would love to formally welcome you Very Happy

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